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Looking for a Few Good Dads!


Wheels From the Heart continues nonprofit mission to support ‘road’ to financial independence, self – sufficiency – and honor family values – with 112th car giveaway to another special single Mom and … it’s just in time for Father’s Day!

We’re looking for a few ‘good’ Dads … Are you a Dad who honors single Moms? We need you! Join Wheels From the Heart by supporting its 112th car giveaway to another single Mom family in need – just in time for “Father’s Day!”

On June 24th with Mom confidently at the wheel in a refurbished, polished up Buick Century and the kids buckled up for safety, a family will be back on track – and ‘on the road’ to renewed independence, self-esteem, and inclusiveness.

Dads! your donation of dollars, gift cards, in-kind services, and time help Wheels From the Heart continue its supportive mission to provide single Moms a helping hand-up.

Donations directly support costs associated with refurbishing gently-used cars, and added ‘gifts’ like meals, school supplies, clothing, household items, and more! Email [email protected] to get involved

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Know someone in need?

Apply or Nominate a Mom

You can apply for a car or nominate a mom by using the contact form. We partner with organizations who may come across moms that are in dire need of transportation and fit our vetting requirements. Since 2014 we have given 109 cars to single moms!

We would love to help all women on the path to mobility, however, we are currently only working in collaboration with our local charities for our nominated car recipients. Contact a charity listed on this page so they can vet the details and sponsor a mom to be considered for a car donation.

A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need and their children is transportation. Wheels From The Heart addresses this by finding reliable vehicles for hard working single moms and helping them drive to a better life.

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