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Nominate a Mom

Do you know a Mom in need?

If you are or know a single mom with children under 16 and you would like to apply for a Wheels From The Heart vehicle, we need you to send an application. To know more about how it works, read about the application process here.

Please email us below with the following information.

  1. Name & contact details
  2. Number of children and their ages (per our bylaws, we donate cars to single moms with children under age 16)
  3. Tell us your story. Describe your situation and why you need a car. Please include if you are currently working. This information may be used on our website and on social media, so if you need privacy, let us know. Also include how having a car would change your life.
  4. We ask that moms are sponsored by a partnering organization. Our vetting process takes into account a letter supplied by an organization you are involved with. It should state a little about you and why you are in need of a car. You can find the organizations we currently partner with here. If you are not involved with any of the listed organizations, we have had churches or similar community groups write letters.

A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need and their children is transportation. Wheels From The Heart addresses this by finding reliable vehicles for hard working single moms and helping them drive to a better life.

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