July 4th Delray Beach Celebration

The Director of YWCA Rapid Rehousing Program, Taysha Parra, partnered with Wheels From The Heart to gift a mother a vehicle from our Rapid Rehousing Program yesterday in Delray Beach, Florida.

This will allow the mother to move freely with her children and having reliable transportation and independence. We are so happy about this collaboration and this wonderful opportunity and allowing a mother in need to be blessed with her own vehicle.

Also, a huge thank you to Taysha and YWCA!!!

More thanks…

The Original Popcorn House for donating the treats!

and Frank Makallas for donating the lemons!]

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A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need and their children is transportation. Wheels From The Heart addresses this by finding reliable vehicles for hard working single moms and helping them drive to a better life.

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