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112th Car to Single Mom from Stuart

June 29, 2020 – On Wednesday June 24, Wheels From The Heart celebrated car number 112 being awarded to a special single mom and her family.

Kendolyn and her 1 month old son Adonis were recommended to us by our Stuart partner, Mary’s Home. With a reliable vehicle, Kendolyn has the ability to make daily appointments for her son, work interviews and support group meetings.

Car donor Paul Wheatley, joined by wife Linda visited from Orlando for the festivities. Paul graciously donated the car to Wheels From The Heart to honor his late mother.

Festivities took place at the newly opened Wheels For The Heart Buy Center where a portion of car sale proceeds benefit Wheels From The Heart. Members of the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce helped us celebrate by conducting a ribbon cutting.

WRPBiTV, WPTV 5 and CBS channel 12 News took video and images.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors: Leslie L. Alexander Foundation, Perry Marshall Builders, Inc. WCNO 89.9FM.

To get involved and help us award more moms with more vehicles, email [email protected]

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You can apply for a car or nominate a mom by using the contact form. We partner with organizations who may come across moms that are in dire need of transportation and fit our vetting requirements. Since 2014 we have given 109 cars to single moms!

We would love to help all women on the path to mobility, however, we are currently only working in collaboration with our local charities for our nominated car recipients. Contact a charity listed on this page so they can vet the details and sponsor a mom to be considered for a car donation.

A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need and their children is transportation. Wheels From The Heart addresses this by finding reliable vehicles for hard working single moms and helping them drive to a better life.

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