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88th car

Wheels From The Heart donated its 88th car!

Laura, we welcome you to the Wheels From The Heart Family. A single mom with two amazing children ages 3 and 5. Keep going Laura we are so proud of you! Want to help moms like Laura? You can donate any vehicle, you will get the kelly blue book value and we will auction it off and the proceeds go to finding the best car for the single mom who has been presented from one of our local charities.

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Know someone in need?

Apply or Nominate a Mom

You can apply for a car or nominate a mom by using the contact form. We partner with organizations who may come across moms that are in dire need of transportation and fit our vetting requirements. Since 2014 we have given 109 cars to single moms!

We would love to help all women on the path to mobility, however, we are currently only working in collaboration with our local charities for our nominated car recipients. Contact a charity listed on this page so they can vet the details and sponsor a mom to be considered for a car donation.

A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need and their children is transportation. Wheels From The Heart addresses this by finding reliable vehicles for hard working single moms and helping them drive to a better life.

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