What do you accomplish
in your car
every single day?
Now, consider doing it
without a car.


Give a woman a ride to work,
she works for a day.

Give that same woman a car,
and she drives for a better life.

A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need, and their children, is transportation. Wheels from the Heart gives the gift of a reliable vehicle to single moms with children, and helps them drive to a better life.

Owning a car is often the first step to financial independence for single mothers and their families. The Wheels from the Heart Foundation works to help make this happen.


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable
not-for-profit organization
in Palm Beach County, Florida.


When You’re Blessed

Become a Blessing

When you are blessed, become a blessing to those in need.

Wheels from the heart has donated nearly 100 vehicles to single mothers in need over the last four years. The luxury of having personal transportation is something most of us take for granted. Simple things like grocery shopping, getting kids to school on time, making doctor appointments, even getting or keeping a good job can become overwhelming obstacles. Donated vehicles by Wheels from the Heart have helped scores of struggling single mothers provide a better quality of life for their family. Generous donor contributions to the Wheels from the Heart Foundation have made all this possible.

Changing a family’s life with a small donation is a reward that warms the heart forever.

Please extend a helping hand to good people in less fortunate situations, by giving what you can afford. We’re determined to surpass 100 cars donated with funds raised through The Main Man charity drive for Wheels from the Heart.

Thank you for your support!
The Wheels from the Heart Team

Our Goal: 100+ Cars

This last holiday season we donated our 83rd car to a single mother, Siera, and her 1 year old son Bryson. Bryson has a heart condition and needs breathing treatments four times a day. Without a car, Siera has a hard time getting him to the doctor. Siera works nights as a security guard and is interested in getting a college education.

We were able to pull off an enormous WFTH surprise at the Old School Square holiday concert. We surprised Siera and Bryson by bringing them on stage and presenting her with a new car. Now she has been able to get a better job that allows her to be with her son, and has also enrolled in college.

Success Driven

Mrs. Kavanaugh received a car two years ago when we collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club. The kids walked 5 miles to school everyday leaving little time for activities and homework. They took the bus to buy groceries and couldn’t participate in school activities and sports.  Today mom has a better job, the boys are all A students, playing sports & spending time giving back to the community at the Boys & Girls Club.

Wheels Recipients



Toyota Corolla / Delray Beach, FL


Honda Accord / Aberdeen, FL


Mercury Sable Wagon / Kings Pt, FL


Dodge Caravan / Mission Bay, FL


Honda Odyssey / Boynton Beach, FL


Volkswagen Golf / Delray Beach, FL
Orchid and Aura

Orchid and Aura

Hyundai Elantra / Delray Beach, FL


Car ownership instantly impacts the quality of life for a mother with children. All donations to the foundation are directly applied to the purchase of cars for single mothers and their children. All our staff work as volunteers, and we would love and appreciate any and all support you may offer.

Local Partnerships

We donated our 75th car to a single mother and her three children. When her husband left her she was unable to get to her job, she got evicted, was living in a motel.

The Delray Beach Police Department pitched in taking care of her, got her a job and a place to live lined up… The only problem was that she couldn’t take the job unless she had a car.

A Variety of Assistance

A single mother was told she’d blown her car’s engine and that same mechanic offered to buy the car at issue for $250. She was a bit hysterical, and thought to reach out to Wheel from the Heart. We towed her car to our mechanic, and discovered the mechanical problem could be remedied by merely replacing a $240 oil pump.

Wheels from the Heart paid for the tow and the repair, and now mom, kids and the car are all back on the road again!

Event Collaboration

A great way to support our charity is to partner with us. Bringing awareness to single mothers in need while making your event help a good cause. Over the past 4 years we have given away 33 cars at local business events.

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