A significant challenge faced by single-mothers-in-need, and their children, is transportation. Wheels from the Heart gives the gift of a reliable vehicle to single moms with children, and helps them drive to a better life.

Owning a car is often the first step to financial independence for single mothers and their families. The Wheels from the Heart Foundation works to help make this happen.


We are a 501(c)(3) charitable
not-for-profit organization
in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Countdown to our 100th car giveaway!

Sunday, Feb 24 Wheels From The Heart will donate the 100th car to the Boys & Girls Club mom at the Concourse D’Elegance Boca Raton at noon.

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Car ownership instantly impacts the quality of life for a mother with children. All donations to the foundation are directly applied to the purchase of cars for single mothers and their children. All our staff work as volunteers, and we would love and appreciate any and all support you may offer.

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